User‘s Guide
Stop & Think! Web Site Questions

The Stop and Think! Web Site is storehouse for some of the most useful questions ever asked.  It offers them up to you one at a time.  Stop and Think! has no beginning or end. Every question can mark a fresh start, a place for you to explore your thoughts.  

Here’s how it works: every time you load this site’s home page or refresh the screen or click on ‘Load New Question,’ Stop and Think! offers you a new question for your consideration.  It might just be the one you have been looking for to help you with a particular issue or situation that you are facing.  If not, simply refresh the screen to get the next question.  

For each question that fits your situation, we suggest you answer it thoughtfully and deeply.   Whenever possible, write your answers down.  

Even a single question – thoughtfully answered – has the power to change your life.  Each time you answer a new question in this way, your understanding of your situation deepens.  Watch for powerful synergy to develop as you start to combine the answers from multiple questions.

Please let us know how these questions have helped you.  You can contact us via our Contact Page.

For more information about Stop & Think! Questions and how they can help you, please check out our Publications Page.