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Stop & Think! Questions That Will Change Your Life is available from

The simplest questions can make the biggest difference in our lives if we would only stop for a minute and remember to ask and answer them. This personal development book contains 101 powerful questions — questions designed to open up possibilities, to empower you to take action and to propel you to get the results you want! Even a single question applied to the situation that concerns you most has the power to change your life!  When used in combination, surprising synergy can be the result.

Stop & Think! Volume 2: 150 Questions that will transform your relationships, your community, and your life is available from: 

Stop & Think! Volume 2 includes 150 powerful questions for use by teams. When used in combination, they hold the secret to taking on situations in our lives that concern us the most.  Includes new Taking Stock questions: the perfect way to begin an investigation of any situation.

Stop & Think! Deal Yourself a Better Hand.  This prototype card deck simplifies picking questions at random or selecting out just the questions you need.  If you are interested in evaluating this 52 question card deck, please contact us via our Contact page

Stop & Think! Navigating Life’s Most Serious Situations This new guidebook is intended for use in the most stressful and serious situations.  Published in 2020 with the world ablaze with many serious situations and crises affecting all aspects of life on our planet.  To meet these challenges, this new Stop and Think! Guide offers the most powerful combination of Stop & Think questions ever: questions especially geared for crisis situations.  Includes updated Taking Stock questions and and newly minted “Quick Start” questions to get you off to a fast start and “Stuck” questions to help you when progress stalls

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